What is Espresso Club?

Espresso Club was founded in February 2021 by a group of online friends who met through our shared love of coffee. We built the club around the idea of supporting small roasters and having a social coffee experience with like-minded coffee geeks. On word of mouth alone, Espresso Club hit 150 members in less than two months.

At this time we’re available in five regions: United States, European Union, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. All club communication takes place on our Discord Server.

Roaster of the Month Program

Once per month, members of the community will be invited to order a coffee from a roaster we partner up with. That partnership could be in the form of a discount, an exclusive roast, or just club members enjoying a shared tasting experience.

The shared coffee acts as an anchor point for comparing tasting notes, recipes, and dial in progress. It allows experienced home baristas a way to push their skills and gives newer entrants to home espresso a set of reference points and an opportunity to seek meaningful tips and assistance.

Mystery Coffee League

Next to Coffee of the Month, the biggest Espresso Club initiative is Mystery Coffee League. The MCL is a friendly competition designed to socialise and expand our sensory skills. Each month European members of the club receive a Mystery Coffee roasted by our current Roaster of the Month. To learn more about the league please visit our website mystery.coffee.